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Our Sand & Gravel Products

With an array of Sand & Gravel, Decorative Mulches and Organic Products, Mulch Masters is the #1 Family Owned Mulch Supplier in North Carolina. If you need any help determining which Sand or Gravel product is best for your project, please stop by and we’ll personally walk you around our yard, showing you our products, to give you the best recommendation.

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Used to fill in between walkways or patio stone. 1 cu/yd = 2,800 lbs. This crushed granite stone is great for a base when filling in your home walkway, patio, or dry stacked walls. Washed Quarry  Screenings are best used for smaller pavers. This is great for a sub base for stone walkways.

$53.95/cubic yard

*A delivery fee will apply

Crush & Run

This product is made from crushed stone granite gravel (#57 wash stone & screenings) and can be packed tightly into holes. It is best used for filling holes for the first layer of driveways or paths. Recommended for 3-4″ for the first time use as first layer. It is used for the base of patios and walls. Driveway gravel 1⁄4”-1 1⁄2” of various aggregate. Contains fine sand particles and gravel up to 1 1⁄2. 1 cu/yd = 2,500 lbs. approximately.

$51.95/cubic yard

*A delivery fee will apply

#57 Wash Stone

A naturally occurring stone, the rocks vary in color from gray to white to tan. The #57 Washed Stone can be used for an array of projects. Uses include:  septic tank fields, driveways/parking extensions, drain tile covering, ground cover, and under decks. This is  1” – 1 1⁄2” in size. 1 cu/yd = 2,300 lbs. approximately.

$58.45/cubic yard

*A delivery fee will apply

#78 Pea Gravel

#78 Pea Gravel is a light gray to gray in color granite stone that is used for walkway paths. Although it is not a river stone, it is still a great option for any landscape or paving. It can also be used as a top layer for driveway gravel, or used as slow drainage gravel; it also protects plant roots against voles. Can be combined with concrete as a base for concrete pavers. 1⁄4”- 1⁄2” size. Used as walkway gravel.

$58.45/cubic yard

*A delivery fee will apply


With all of our quarry orders, we offer an option for our customers to add a tarp. This is a good option for customers who are are traveling with their mulch products. This 16′ x 20′ tarp will protect you from losing any of your new mulch or quarry products on the drive home. To purchase, be sure to let us know you’d like to include a tarp with your order when you purchase your mulch at our location.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“Best mulch yard in town. I'm in and out of here several times a week. As the owner of Wake Landscapes NC I rely on them to provide a premium product and that's exactly what they do. I wouldn't take my business anywhere else.”

- Dustin, Raleigh

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Exceptional Customer Service! My neighbor and I underestimated our quantity of mulch, and we had to call them back out. They were able to come back out the very next day. What really shocked me, was the fact that the owner (Keith) was the one driving the truck! An owner with this commitment to Customer Service will ensure this company's success for decades!”

- Matt, Raleigh

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Scott with Mulch Masters delivered mulch for us. My 2yr old loves trucks and was watching and waiting for them to get there. He was so patient with him, showing him all the features of the truck and how it worked. When they found out it was his bday, they came back that afternoon with balloons and gift for him. It was so sweet and thoughtful. They not only did a terrific job delivering the mulch, they went above and beyond for a little boy on his bday.”

- Shannon, Wake Forest

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